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CPC sets new blueprint for rule of law

The 4th plenum of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee set a new blueprint for rule of law in the world's second largest economy this week, promising sweeping judical reforms while hailing the overarching role of the Constitution.
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 • PLA general expelled from CPC
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NYC doctor tested positive for Ebola

A doctor, who once worked in Guinea with Doctors Without Borders, has been tested positive for Ebola, becoming New York City's first diagnosed case, officials announced Thursday night.
Mali confirms first Ebola case
DPRK to bar foreign tourists to prevent Ebola virus

Tim Cook: China most profitable for Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook said China will be the nation which contributes the greatest revenues to Apple Inc. Thursday in Beijing, during his latest tour in China.

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Internal Eurasian cooperation is inevitable

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's latest visit to the European Union and Russia has been fruitful in cementing deals and strengthening cooperation with Russia and the EU.


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42 hours of fear

A boy who was abducted on Oct 19 in Guangdong was retuned home only 42 hours later thanks to the immediate action of the police.

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Siberian tiger quadruplets make debut

Four Siberian tiger cubs born on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau made their debut Thursday at a zoo in Xinning, capital of Qinghai province.

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