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Regulations effective to boost industry credibility

A series of government regulations took effect Wednesday amid China's efforts to promote integrity and credibility among corporations.

China's last Flying Tiger pilot dies at 91

The last Flying Tiger pilot in China died of lung failure at 91 at a hospital in southwest China early Wednesday.

Japan volcano death toll hits 48

Search and rescue workers resumed works as well as recovery operations from Mount Ontake in central Japan, following a deadly eruption Saturday that took hundreds of hikers by surprise and left 48 people dead, said local media.

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    Alibaba's richest women

    As Alibaba's chairman Jack Ma became the richest man in China, nine female partners and executives also saw their hard work pay off to the tune of millions of dollars.

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China's new security concept under multilateral diplomacy

China should find a strategic strongpoint such as strengthened security cooperation on which to base its relations with neighboring countries.


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Former Hainan official expelled from CPC

Former vice governor of south China's island province of Hainan, Tan Li, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) following a corruption investigation.

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