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China's tourism revenue posts double-digit growth during holiday

China posted a double-digit growth in tourism revenue during the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, official data showed Wednesday.

China sees robust consumption during Spring Festival

UN agency praises ecological protection

China has taken great strides since 2013 in environmental protection, with effective air pollution and other controls put in place, and it is working to bring its best practices to the world, the regional head of a UN development agency said.

Trump vows tougher background checks on gun buyers

U.S. President Donald Trump promised strong background checks and mental health screenings for gun buyers as he heard pleas from survivors of the recent Florida school shooting and families affected at the White House on Wednesday.

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On track to a more innovative China

In many practical ways, including key policy developments, China this year will be seeking to maintain its momentum as one of the world's most innovative countries.


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KFC runs out of chicken in UK

​More than half of Britain's 900 KFC outlets have been forced to close because of distribution problems that left the company short of chicken.

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Chinese pianist holds a charity show

How to spend the Chinese Lunar New Year with a special and unforgettable meaning? Chinese pianist Chen Jie's answer is: putting up a charity show for the kids with special needs in New York.

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