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China's consumption to maintain strong growth in 2017

China will maintain strong growth in consumption this year with deepening supply-side structural reform, Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng said at a news conference Tuesday.
China’s economy developing with quality and efficiency

Italian president's China visit to strengthen cooperation

Italian President Sergio Mattarella's visit to China from February 21 to 26 comes at a time when the two countries have much to gain from one another.

Why are goods cheaper in the US than China?

The American per-capita annual income is five or six times higher than China's, however, most consumer goods in the U.S. are sold at much cheaper prices than in China.

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    Top 5 arms exporting countries

    The United States and Russia remained the world's largest exporters of weaponry from 2012 to 2016, jointly accounting for 56 percent of arms sold on the international market.

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Why trade protectionism harms the US people

Protectionism against China or other countries directly damages U.S. wages and jobs.


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