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Suspicious items spotted in AirAsia search

Suspicious objects were detected on Monday in the Java Sea where an AirAsia plane disappeared as the search operation expanded with more countries joining the sea and aerial hunt.
China ready to join search for missing AirAsia flight
Joint search underway in Indonesia waters
Indonesia to review AirAsia safety
In pictures:Search for missing AirAsia flight resumes

CPC vows no tolerance of intra-Party cliques

Political discipline should be further enhanced and fractions within the Party that are organized for personal gain are "absolutely not tolerated," a key meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was told.

Embassy calls for action after alleged airport rape

The Chinese embassy in Indonesia urged local authorities on Sunday to thoroughly investigate a recent high-profile rape case involving a Chinese woman and two Indonesian airport security officers.

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A comedy of errors

Though Sony's "The Interview" was a bad idea in the first place, the high-profile conflict and subsequent public outcry it caused turned this dud of a film into a financial success.


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Dog, a good helper

Dog, a good helper

An old Chinese saying goes that a dog never detests its owner's poverty. This dog not only loves its poor owner, but also helps him.

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Octopus fights seal for life

Octopus fights seal for life

An octopus puts up a fight against its predator by wriggling about and wrapping its tentacles around a seal's head. The battle ended with the seal winning and gulping down its prey.

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