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Xi calls for enhanced China-US military ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday said he expects military relations would become a major stabilizing factor in Sino-U.S. ties when he was meeting with Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford.

Death toll rises to 15 in Spain's terror attacks

The number of people killed in Thursday's double terror attacks rose to 15, as Spanish people demonstrated defiance and condolences by leaders of the world poured in on Friday.

Huang Youyi: BRICS influence beyond five countries

"With improved cooperation, improved economy and shared solutions for fighting world challenges, BRICS will further expand its influence in the next decade," predicted a Chinese expert on Thursday during a seminar in southeastern China.
CIPG teams up with BRICS think tanks
High hopes on BRICS to keep shining

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China and Pakistan relations after Sharif

A change of political leadership in Pakistan should have no impact on the strengthening of its relations with China, with CPEC a flagship project.


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Fighter lands safely after catching fire

Fighter lands safely after catching fire

A J-15 fighter, known as "China's Flying Shark," landed safely after the left engine caught fire after an aerial collision with a flock of doves.

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