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Typhoon Mujigae batters South China, kills 7

Since landing on South China's Guangdong Province Sunday, typhoon Mujigae, the 22nd typhoon this year, has left at least seven people dead and 223 injured.
S. China stays on alert for typhoon Mujigae

IS militants destroy centuries-old Triumphal Arch in Syria

The Islamic State (IS) militants on Sunday destroyed the centuries-old Triumphal Arch of the ancient city of Palmyra in central Syria, the country's museums chief said.
Assad says Russia's anti-terror chances are high
Russia to intensify Syria airstrikes against IS

Death toll rises to 107 in Guatemalan mudslide

The number of the people killed in the mudslide that swamped the Guatemalan village of El Cambray II Thursday night has risen to 107, the government announced Sunday.

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The launch of a negative list smoothes capital flow

China will unify its market entrance criteria by implementing a negative list approach in 2018 .


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