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Nicholas Cage unveils new film museum in Hainan
Movie star Nicholas Cage unveiled a new temporary film museum located in Sanya, Hainan province on Tuesday as a warm-up event for the First Hainan International Film Festival.
Bilingual education in Guangxi bridges tradition, development
Each week, 68-year-old Huang Tianheng travels 12km uptown to teach a group of children wearing colorful traditional clothes to sing songs in Zhuang, a language used by China's ethnic minority Zhuang people.
Kung Fu gala expected to promote Chinese culture in US
A Chinese Kung Fu gala, performed by Chinese and U.S. Kung Fu masters in the San Francisco Bay Area, is expected to ignite the local people's enthusiasm for Chinese martial arts and promote cultural exchange between China and California.
Universities from China, South Asia, Southeast Asia form into alliance
One hundred and three universities from China, South Asia and Southeast Asia have formed into an alliance to enhance regional cooperation on higher education.
Palace Museum explores 'Chinese facial beauty'
Put on lipstick that shares the same shade with the red wall of the 600-year-old Forbidden City -- China's beauty-craze ladies have a new but very traditional addition on their dressing tables lately.
Cultural relic returns to China
​A Chinese bronze vessel looted from Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace, has recently returned to China and entered the collections at the National Museum of China on Tuesday.
Beijing staging Colorful China Mini Art Exhibition
The Colorful China Mini Art Exhibition opened in Beijing on Dec. 6.
First Beijing Nanhaizi Cultural Forum opens
On December 8, the first Beijing Nanhaizi Cultural Forum was held in Daxing, Beijing.
Shen Teng comedy gets holiday release
Actor Shen Teng will see his new comedy contend for audience attention during the 2019 Spring Festival holiday.
James Wan creates deep-sea spectacle in 'Aquaman'
The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been saved after multiple flops and its savior is Malaysian-born Chinese/Australian director James Wan, who has created an underwater "Star Wars" in "Aquaman."
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