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Chinese orchestra finds new audience in Europe with revamped repertoire
By adding fresh and fashionable elements to its traditional repertoire, a Chinese orchestra has charmed Europeans who have a discerning ear for good music.
The 'Erhu' capital of China
Wuxi's most famous product is one that bears a stark contrast to its sweet cuisine-a traditional Chinese music instrument that is loved for its sorrowful, melancholic sound.
Cambridge choir performs Chinese songs
The choir of King's College, Cambridge, released its new album in late January containing songs performed in Chinese for the first time. The album contains 19 songs, with two of them sung in Mandarin.
Chinese musicians delight passengers with NY tune
​Five young Chinese musicians from Zhejiang province gave a surprise to passengers on a flight to Madrid, Spain, Jan 31.
Sony, Tencent launch Asia-region electronic dance music label
Sony Music Entertainment and Tencent Music Entertainment Group announced the launch of a new electronic dance music label, Liquid State, on Jan 31.
Lisa Ono, Jin Dong team up for 'Mr Right' theme song
Japanese-Brazilian singer Lisa Ono performs her trademark bossa nova in Mandarin alongside veteran Chinese actor Jin Dong in a theme song they recorded for a new TV drama.
Jazz: reflection of Chinese open-mindedness
The introduction and gradual popularity of jazz music in China reflects Chinese increasing open-mindedness and deepening understanding of different cultures.
Reunion of Wong, Na to be highlight of Spring Festival Gala
With the annual gala just around the corner - it will be aired on Feb 15 - audiences expect some of the biggest stars of the country to perform in the show.
23 years on: Death can't do Teresa Teng and her Chinese fans part
Today would have been the 65th birthday of Teresa Teng, or Deng Lijun in Mandarin. Google celebrated the occasion.
Chinese musicians striking a new note at Grammy
Two-time Grammy voting member Chen Zhen feels a strong sense of mission -- to bring Chinese music to the world stage.
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