Foreign Languages Press(FLP) is China's largest publishing house dedicated to releasing foreign language books. A subsidiary of the China International Publishing Group, FLP contributes to the group's Frankfurt Book Fair main exhibit section. The following is the entire catalog of FLP books for this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, to be held from October 4 to 8 in the central German city.  Full Story >>
Hand Acupuncture Therapy
On the Standard Nomenclature of Traditional Chinese Medicine
A Family Massage Manual
Infantile Tuina Therapy
Essentials of Traditional Chinese Pediatrics
Traditional Chinese Hand and Foot Massage
Chinese Tea Culture
Diseases Treated with Melons, Fruits and Vegetables
Inspection of Face and Body for Diagnosis of Diseases
Foot Therapy for Common Diseases
Hand Therapy: Traditional Chinese Remedies
Self-Therapies for Common Diseases
Basics of Long-Style Boxing
Taiji Quan: 48 Forms
A Guide to Chinese Martial Arts
Souls and Tombs
The Fleeting Splendor of Yuanmingyuan
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