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  Shandong Province
Jinan City
Scenic Spots
Hongde Tower in Mount Tai White Dragon Temple
Stone Archway of Dai Temple, Mount Tai Road in Mount Tai
Marvelous Spectacle, Mount Tai Stone Inscription in Mount Tai
Confucius Temple in Mount Tai Double-Tier Waterfall, Mount Tai
Waterfall of Black Dragon Pool, Mount Tai Tianta Pagoda
Liangcun Pagoda Wei’s Manor
Mt. Liangshan Taibai Tower
Dinglin Temple at Juxian County Shanxi and Shaanxi Guild Hall at Liaocheng
Wenmiao Temple at Linyi Yinqueshan Ruins at Linyi
Memorial Archway at Qi Jiguang Memorial Hall Penglai
Ruins of Haiyin Temple at Mt. Laoshan Huayan Temple at Mt. Laoshan
Zhanshan Temple Hall of Sakyamuni at Zhanshan Temple
Drum Tower at Qufu Gate of the Mansion of Confucius
Confucious' tomb Dacheng Temple in the Mansion of Confucius
Confucius Academy Shaohao Tomb
Wanrenchou Tablet Wanren Palace Wall
Bian Bridge over the Sishui Tributary Spring Forest at Sishu
Wang Family’s Memorial Temple at Tengzhou Former Residence of Ding Ruchang at Weihai
Shiwu Garden Chaoyang Cave
Wulian Mountains Temporary Imperial Dwelling Palace
Tangta Pagoda at Yuncheng Tomb of Guanzhong at Zibo
Pu Songling’s Private School at Zibo Yangzhai Pagoda at Zibo
Yimeng Gate in Mengzi Mansion Lingxing Gate in Mengzi Mansion
Former Residence of Mengzi Chongxing Pagoda at Zoucheng
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