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Sajjad Malik
标题图片 Dr Sajjad Malik (Twitter: @SajjadMalik) is an academic, journalist, columnist and researcher based in Pakistan, South Asia. He has a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies. He specializes in "Role of Media in Peace and Conflict". He has also an abiding interest in regional affairs, global politics, extremism/militancy and local Pakistan issues.
2017 January 22
Trump's promises and challenges
In the first 100 days we will learn how Trump will handle all of the domestic and international challenges, and whether he will stick to his pledges.
2017 January 19
Israel benefits in Paris conference
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with the help of the U.S., has averted a UN resolution regarding settlements.
2017 January 18
Xi's WEF speech echoes in Davos
Xi Jinping's speech is a major boost for the WEF and free trade amidst global fears of protectionism.
2017 January 11
Cyber wars: Russia, US elections and beyond
U.S. allegations that Russia swayed the presidential election demonstrate the ever-increasing importance of cyber security in international affairs.
2017 January 3
New Year eve disaster in Turkey
The latest terrorist outrage in Istanbul shows how far Turkey has to go to deal with a growing militant threat, and no solution seems possible without peace and security in Syria.
2016 December 29
Aftershocks of UN resolution against Jewish settlements
Israel's anger at UN Security Council condemnation of its policies for settlements in occupied territories completely misses the point.
2016 December 26
A bad year for the aviation industry
A recent spate of air crashes highlight how hard it is to make aviation risk-free, but that effort must be made.
2016 December 14
Magic of Chinese traditional treatment
The Chinese government acknowledges the role of Chinese traditional medicine as it continues to grow both domestically and abroad to a value of hundreds of billions of yuan.
2016 December 9
China's vast reservoirs of soft power
The fine arts can provide China with a great opportunity to expand its soft power.
2016 December 6
The deadly fight for Aleppo
For any government to be recognized as representative it must control both Damascus and Aleppo. Civilians will continue to suffer in the crossfire.
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