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Editor's Pick
More efforts are needed to stamp out the ivory trade
As elephants are becoming threatened with extinction, China has set a leading example of wildlife conservation to the world.
​The League of Chinese 'unicorns'
"Unicorn" is regarded as an important symbol of the new economic age, highlighting the application of science and technology in the market. Therefore this list attracts worldwide attention in investment circles.
Belt and Road boosts RMB internationalization
The Belt and Road Initiative was written into the Constitution of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the 19th CPC National Congress, signaling China's resolution and confidence in carrying out international cooperation under this initiative.
China and Europe: opening new cooperation perspectives
Despite competition and differences between China and Europe, there is a broad consensus between the two sides on many areas such as free trade, multilateralism, and maintaining the stability of the international system.
Chinese plans benefiting the world
The Belt and Road Initiative is historically significant with far-reaching influence and the potential to fundamentally change the world.
China's bigger role in globalization
The Global Foundation advocates "cooperative globalization" with projects involved in such aspects as achieving global food security, investing to address climate change, building Asia's green infrastructure, and working with China as it goes global.
Sharing opportunities with the world
China is endeavoring to stay ahead of the curve through its accumulated achievements and constant innovation while fostering sources of growth for the next round of development.
Far-reaching freedom and increasing prosperity
​Speaking about today's China, we are looking at an up-and-coming, dynamic and rapidly developing country whose economic power has become a global benchmark.
​Asian and African Officials' views on China's 40 years of reform and opening-up
The success of China's development lies in the country greatly reducing the number of people living in poverty.
Economic and political outlook for Asia-Pacific
2017 was a year of great significance for Asia-Pacific. What happened during the year will influence the future of the region.
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