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Editor's Pick
​Does China's military spending indicate an arms race?
A comparison of China's 2018 military budget with that of the U.S. shows strategic differences between the world's top two spenders.
​Chinese foreign minister sets tone for future of Sino-Indian ties
Last week's press conference in Beijing is the latest sign that both China and India are working to improve relations and overcome the bitter disputes of the past.
​Chinese 'two sessions' mirrored in Nepal
Irrespective of the nomenclature set by Western media, China's two sessions and its delivering governance model may be taken as a reference for Nepal. 
​Xi Jinping's rural revitalization strategy
China's rapid economic development and an urban policy bias have contributed to rural-to-urban migration, placing food security in a precarious position. Major agriculture and land reform is needed to drive China's rural revitalization strategy.
​SAARC, BRI feature in Pakistani PM's Nepal visit
Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi recently visited Nepal for serious diplomatic missions, including urging his Nepali counterpart to play a constructive role in reviving the SAARC.
China to extend the BRI into Latin America
Following 15 years of major investments in Latin American countries, China plans to further strengthen economic ties with the region through a recently proposed extension of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Institutional reform with introspective revolutionary spirit
Reform of Party and state institutions represents an introspective revolution marked by profound changes to improve governance.
Communism and democracy
While the West draws sharp differences between the ideology of democracy and Communism, we are less familiar with how they differ in terms of structure and operation.
China in the center
Once again, China is at the center of global attention in the context of the celebration of "two sessions" (Lianghui), the annual sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
New changes considered for Chinese Constitution
The convening of the National People's Congress this year is occurring at a very dramatic and decisive period in the history of China.
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