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标题图片Summer's for travel, learning, fun
This summer, 30 million Chinese travelers will go abroad, and not all of them are driven by wanderlust alone. As many as 40 percent of them will visit overseas destinations with their families, so that their kids could mix business with pleasure-that is, learning with fun.

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标题图片6 day Chinese civilization tour in Henan
As the birthplace of Chinese civilization, Henan was a political, economic and cultural center for over 5,000 years in the ancient world.

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标题图片Third Apricot Flower and Butterfly Festival kicks off
To a majority of the tourists in China, February and March is the golden period to take the ones they love on a romantic date, as the weather generally clears moving into Spring. In China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, however, the golden period is pushed back until April.

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标题图片Seven-day Jiangxi tour route
If you are a traveler looking for a place with a variety of interesting options, Jiangxi Province in southern China is definitely the place for you!
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