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Celebrating time without end
​China's annual Spring Festival has no calendar start – and no end in sight. Like a world without end, it always was and always will be.
Alarming cost of Afghan war revealed by US
Despite spending vast amounts of money on waging war against militants in Afghanistan, the U.S. is no nearer achieving victory because its strategy ignores the civilian political element.
B&R Initiative not zero-sum game
Where lies the Middle East's future, and how will any changes influence the world in 2018? The Chinese government's former special envoy to the Middle East Wu Sike shares his insights with
Indian aspiration versus capability in Maldives
Certain Indian elements are urging their country to intervene in the political crisis now gripping the small Indian Ocean nation of Maldives. Apart legal considerations, it’s very unclear whether India has capability for such a risky operation.
Inter-Korea Summit III is within reach
Two summits have been held and a third should be the next logical step. Given the pace of progress thus far, the two neighbors can and must both be encouraged and assisted to make it happen.
​Sino-American relations and Yang Jiechi's US visit
While Donald Trump remains somewhat belligerent towards China, there are also encouraging signs from other segments of his administration and outside government.
Passing the (infrastructure) bill to the States
This week the much-awaited Trump infrastructure plan has been unveiled and could become a lasting legacy for his administration. But will it be a positive one?
Indian films delight Chinese fans and can warm bilateral ties
The growing popularity of Indian movies in China can be an excellent base for expanding cultural exchanges and enhancing understanding.
Syria caught between Iran and Israel
The downing of an Israeli warplane signals that Assad will no longer tolerate Netanyahu’s attacks on the Iranian presence in Syria.
What do you think of Spring Festival?
This year's Spring Festival falls on Feb. 16 and the holiday will last for a week. invited international experts to share their perspective on the annual holiday.
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