Xi's state visit surfs tide of American public opinion

President Xi Jinping's first state visit to the U.S. has had a considerable effect on Sino-U.S. political and economic relations. However, has his visit done enough to positively influence American public opinion?


Xi's visit invigorates China-US relationship

Xi's visit is the starting point for both sides to promote mutual trust, concrete cooperation and communication.


  • Xi's US tour a boon to lives of Chinese people

    President Xi's U.S. visit will directly influence the life of the Chinese general public in seven ways.

  • Xi returns from fruitful missions to US and UN

    President Xi Jinping arrived home on Tuesday ahead of National Day, wrapping up his first state visit to the United States, where he also made a first appearance at the UN headquarters.

  • 10 key words for outcomes of Xi's US visit

    President Xi paid a state visit to the United States from Sept. 22 to 25. The two sides had in-depth, candid, and constructive talks, reached an extensive consensus and arrived at a series of important outcomes. Here are key words underlining the important outcomes of Xi's visit.

Issues in focus

Climate change


Commitments from China, US inject fresh energy into global climate battle: experts

Commitments from China and the United States, the world's two largest economies, injected fresh energy into the battle against climate change, while bolstering prospects for an ambitious pact in Paris later this year, environmental experts said.

Cyber security


US experts hail China-US consensus on cyber security as 'significant'

US experts hailed the consensus reached between China and the United States on jointly fighting cyber crimes, and step-up investigation assistance and information sharing on cyber crimes cases as a "significant" development that could prevent tensions from worsening in the virtual world.



Xi encourages Boeing to expand exemplary cooperation with China

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday commended Boeing's long and productive cooperation with China and urged the aircraft maker to lift the partnership to higher levels.



China, US agree to cooperate on fighting corruption

China and the United States will take measures to promote cooperation on mutually identified corruption cases, the Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily reports.