Tourism official on Chengdu's appeal as a tourist destination

By Yuan Fang
Print E-mail, May 19, 2017
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Where is Chengdu’s appeal as a tourist city from? This question has been on the mind of Zhang Jianli since he became chief of tourism planning with Chengdu Tourism Bureau.

The answer has gradually become clear to him after two months on the post.

Chengdu’s appeal as a tourist city comes first from its appeal as a city, including its inclusiveness, openness, leisurely atmosphere, unique landscape, lifestyle and livable and travel-worthy environment shared between local residents and tourists.

These elements are the soul of Chengdu and the key to attracting tourists both at home and abroad, to Zhang.

Regarding tourism marketing, Chengdu has an international vision and has successfully organized a series of international events to promote itself, according to Zhang.

Since it set the goal of becoming an international tourist destination in 2015, Chengdu has made full use of the two calling cards of giant panda and delicious food to carry out international marketing.

Last year, it marketed itself in over 30 cities outside China. This year in September it will host the 22nd United National World Tourism Organization General Assembly.

It also applies international concepts in developing traditional festivals.

The city also seeks innovation in doing marketing such as launching a live-streaming reality show "Foreigners in Chengdu”in March, which asks foreigners from various countries to experience Chengdu by participating in outdoor games and contests.

Government agencies also enlisted help from those not holding a public post. Folk singer Zhao Lei’s creation “Chengdu” was an instant hit. “Hot Pot,”a song co-produced by an American and a German living in Chengdu, also attracted a great deal of attention.

Chengdu’s international influence has risen rapidly these years. The city ranks as the world’s second fastest-growing destination for international visitors.

Chengdu also integrates tourism with other industries such as catering, commerce, convention and exhibition, sports and culture through “Travel Plus” or “Plus Travel”and takes a holistic approach to realize common development, said Zhang.

The 2017 Chengdu Marathon Race Between Two World Heritage Sites of Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountain was held on March 19. Apart from the two starting and fishing world heritage sites, there are the Panda Valley, Guanxian Ancient Town and other famous scenic areas along the route. Participants can experience the unique tourism resources of Chengdu while running.

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